08 July 2022

Dagana Dzongkhag held its 3rd and 1st for 2022-2023 FY All Staff Meet today on 8 July 2022 with the theme “Dagana Dzongkhag Administration for better service delivery”. The meeting was held with the start of new financial year with objective to enhance public service delivery in the Dzongkhag administration.

The meeting also discussed to strengthen GRM Policy in the Dzongkhag to encourage citizen’s feedback on Dzongkhag’s plans and public services; to address citizen’s grievances in a fair and expeditious manner; to promote responsive and effective governance in the Dzongkhag; and to enhance effective and efficient public service delivery.

Further, Cluster Finance Service also presented the recent budget notification for 2022-2023 FY to the staff and subsequently controllable budget for each sector was also allocated for the financial year.

Lastly, Offtg. Dasho Dzongdag reminded all staff to abide the civil service code of conduct and to work towards providing the service delivery at its best to all the clients. The Chairperson thanked the participants on successful conduct of the meeting.

The meeting was chaired and graced by Offtg. Dzongdag and coordinated by HR Section.