Traditional Archery Tournament

Traditional Archery Tournament between Gewogs under Dagana to mark 50 years of Indo-Bhutan Friendship started from 01.02.2018. 
Dasho Dzongrab graced the opening of match. Dasho shared to players  about the importance of preserving traditional archery and conducting the tournament between gewogs to mainly to mark 50 years of Indo-Bhutan friendship.

Royal Civil Service Award 2017

Dasho Dzongrab conferred Civil Service Award 2017 to 37 civil servants serving in Dagana Dzongkhag at the Dzongkhag Tshogdu Hall. There were 5 recipients of Life Time Gold Medal, 3 recipients of 30 Years Gold Medal, 6 recipients of 20 Years of Silver Medal and  23 recipients of 10 Years Bronze Medal.