Dasho Tenzin Thinley 

Information Communication and Technology (ICT) is the main module of development philosophy in Bhutan. Our country has recognized the efficiency, transparency and accountability as the key component of accomplishment of GNH (Gross National Happiness) and ICT plays a positive role towards attainment of this national apex goal. The ICT would definitely bring faster service deliveries to all the stakeholders.

The Dzongkhag Administration, Dagana takes immense pleasure to launch its independent Dzongkhag website. The launch of the website is spearheaded towards the availability of information to all the stakeholders and beneficiaries to generate transparency and accountability. 

This easy accessibility to the information will not only help planners and decision makers at Dzongkhag level but also at the National level. The data and other information with regard to the Dzongkhag will be accessible from any location, be it in the grass root level. For instance, the availability of tender documents in the website will make it much easily accessible for our clients. The earlier haste of traveling all the way to the Dzongkhag to obtain the tender forms will now be surrogated by a seat on a chair to download, print and bind it and submit to the Dzongkhag Tender Committee.

The evaluation of the tender will be also announced in our website, which will for no doubt save time and resources. Lastly we wish all stakeholders and beneficiaries to make best use of the website. We hope that the information we have provided here will definitely be useful and informative to the users and we look forward for your valuable comments for further improvement.

Thanking You and Wishing You all a Happy New Year 2014 !!

Tenzin Thinley