Drujeygang Gewog

drujeygang gewog

Drujeygang Geog have a total area of 57.47sqkm & it is located in Tsangkha & Lajab Geog towards North, Khebisa Geog to the West, Tashiding Geog to the South & Dagana Dzongkhag to the East. Geog has a sub-tropical climate with 499 households & 3552 population. It has very good forest coverage of 57sqkm & is covered with mixed forest species. Drujeygang Geog has five Cheogs namely; Pangna-Patala,Thangna,Boodipang-Pangna,Pangserpo& Ambithang-Pangserpo. People of this Geog are more or less homogenous & speak Khengkha. The Geog Tshogde (GT) is the main institutional body of the Geog & has 7GT members chaired by the Gup, Mangmi, Tshogpas as members & other civil servants as observers.




No tourist destinations in this Gewog.