1. To enhance local economy and create gainful employment ; and 

2. To enhance food and nutrition security and rural livelihood through promotion of livestock farming. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Plan, co-ordinate, monitor, and evaluate the implementation of overall livestock development programs; 

  2.  Build HR & Technical capacity of Staffs and Farmers for all  commodity ;

  3.  Ensure supply of quality livestock inputs ;

  4.  Ensure sustainable utilization and management of livestock resources;

  5.  Promote livestock enterprise development;

  6.  Promote climate resilient livestock production to mitigate and adapt to Climate Change;

  7.  Promote market access and marketing of livestock products;

  8.  Facilitate formation of Farmer Groups, Cooperatives and Federations ;

  9.  Safeguard health and welfare of animals through provision of quality animal health services ; and

  10.  Promote one health approach to safeguard public health by prevention and control of zoonotic diseases.