Brief background about Dorona Gewog

Dorona gewog lies south of Dagana Dzongkhag. The gewog share its border to north and east with Geserling gewog, to west it shares its border with Getana gewog under Chukha Dzongkhag and to south it shares its border with Karmaling (Deorali) gewog under Lhamoizingkha Dungkhag. The gewog is located 20kms away from Gesarling zero or if we travel on foot its 4-5 hours journey. The elevation ranges from 200m to 2700m above the sea level.


The total area of gewog is approximately 107.69sqkms, out of which 96% is under the forest cover. The gewog receives average annual rainfall of about 1646.9ml and with average temperature of 19.2 degree Celsius. (Source: RNRC Nimtala-2010-11).

The gewog is administratively supported by five Chiwogs viz. Dorona Chewa (Thulo Dorona), Dorona chungwa (Sanu Dorona), Mangmethang, Nimtola and Tshalabji. The gewog has a total of 15 villages. Presently, gewog is administered by 10 officials including chiwog tshogpas and a caretaker.

The gewog has total population of about 2060 (Source: Gewog census Register 2015) of which 984 ༢are male and 903 are female. The gewog has a mixed ethnicity comprising Sharchops, Kurtoeps, Ngalops, Khengpas and Lhotshampas after the inceptions of the resettlement programme by government in the year 1998.


The main food crop of the gewog is maize with paddy cultivated in some places. The income generating cash crops of the gewog are mandarins and cardamoms in some areas. Besides, the people also cultivate various cereals such as; wheat, buckwheat, millet, mustard, ginger, potato, raddish, dollay(Chilli) and others at low scale.

The people rear cattles, poultry, pigs, goat, sheep and horses for their respective products as well as for transportation in case of horses.